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Re: Jamie Lidell live looping movie

So, What are guys like Jamie using for video effects in a live setting? I
would love to integrate even some rudementary video into my solo shows and
i'm interested to see how everyone is doing it. Thanks

Sean Mormelo
EPK- www.sonicbids.com/seanmormelo
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Subject: Re: Jamie Lidell live looping movie

> I find the way this topic has gone to be really
> interesting.  One thing I've noticed is that if you
> tend to be somewhat conventional in your music, the LD
> list is not your audience for the most part.  I've
> been to a lot of the loopfests and it always seems
> like the odder stuff gets the lion's share of the
> attention.  I think I notice it because I always
> wonder, "Why didn't people dig X's performance?  I
> loved it!"  Now me, I like weird odd stuff, but I'll
> be the first to put on a Cheap Trick album if the mood
> moves me.  I just notice that anything that leans into
> pop or traditional music seems to be tossed aside in
> favor of someone blowing into a $6 electronic toy
> trumpet made of dayglow green plastic. (Hi RICK!)
> Art can be very hard to experience.  Entertainment
> never is.  Art can be entertaining.  Entertainment can
> be artistic.  It's a big mess.  Enjoy it.
> I'm not saying either approach to looping is better.
> I just see that the things that get the most interest
> tend to be more "cutting edge."  Be prepared to see a
> lot more Lidellesque stuff as looping hits the
> mainstream.  Franky, I didn't think the video was
> amazing, but I loves me some good beat boxing.  Hell,
> I hired a looping beat boxer to perform my wedding
> ceremony in Sept!  I hope he's not too artistic for my
> guests.
> Mark
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