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Re: Music Scene

Came too late to this interesting thread

Kevin wrote:
> Look at Jamie Lidell's looping performance: 
> http://www.jamielidell.com/video/rfh.html

First of all: thanks for the link, its a great performance. (Though this
kind of fast video blinking does not necessarily fit my taste...)

> But I think each of has to make a decision about why were doing what
>  we're doing.  If we want to be pure artists then we take one path.
> If we want to reach a lot of people maybe we take another path.

This video does show that there are paths which serve both. This guy is
reaching an audience and undoubtedly delivering art at the same time.

johnsrude@peak.org wrote:
> Art is when I create music in my studio. In private.  Performance is
> when I ask strangers to approve of my art. In public.

I'd say the opposite: Art is not that what we produce at home without
audience, the term art only makes sense within a context of an audience.
And that means if we want to give something to the audience, we must not
ignore them. But art is not about entertainment, though it could be
Performance is a special social experience with high risks and even more 

> Which is the better path?  I don't know, but I think I choose Mozart.

There is no better path than my own path and its neither Mozart nor 



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