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Re: Music Scene

At 4:29 PM +0200 4/19/06, Stefan Tiedje wrote:

>>But I think each of has to make a decision about why were doing what
>>  we're doing.  If we want to be pure artists then we take one path.
>>If we want to reach a lot of people maybe we take another path.
>This video does show that there are paths which serve both. This guy is
>reaching an audience and undoubtedly delivering art at the same time.

"Making art" and :reaching people" are not mutually exclusive, 

I've heard it said that it's easy to make a million dollars if you 
don't care how you do it, and I suppose that's why there is so much 
crap in the marketplace - but not all successful art is crap.

>I'd say the opposite: Art is not that what we produce at home without
>audience, the term art only makes sense within a context of an audience.
>And that means if we want to give something to the audience, we must not
>ignore them. But art is not about entertainment, though it could be
>Performance is a special social experience with high risks and even 
>more fun...;-)
>>Which is the better path?  I don't know, but I think I choose Mozart.
>There is no better path than my own path and its neither Mozart nor 

I like it!


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