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Re: Music Scene

Stefan Tiedje wrote:
> Came too late to this interesting thread
> Kevin wrote:
>> Look at Jamie Lidell's looping performance: 
>> http://www.jamielidell.com/video/rfh.html
> First of all: thanks for the link, its a great performance. (Though this
> kind of fast video blinking does not necessarily fit my taste...)
>> But I think each of has to make a decision about why were doing what
>>  we're doing.  If we want to be pure artists then we take one path.
>> If we want to reach a lot of people maybe we take another path.
> This video does show that there are paths which serve both. This guy is
> reaching an audience and undoubtedly delivering art at the same time.

yeah... well... his livesets are an odd mish-mash of straight pop-songs 
and odd looping stuff. He's definitely doing things to bridge the gap, 
but I dare say that his entire audience doesn't dig his looping stuff.

As an aside: It's an awesome max-patch he's using - or rather: he's 
quite skilled at using it. And that drop where the sub-synthed bassline 
comes in is golden.