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RE:verb looping (was Advice sought - unbroken, seamless loops)

Title: RE:verb looping (was Advice sought - unbroken, seamless loops)

>>If you play with a computer in your rig there is also this Ableton 
Live reverb patch named "Freeze Verb"....."Reverb looping"  ;-)<<

I have been playing with a long delay (from an echo-pro) but with the feedback loop going via the mixing desk instead of internally. it's then possible to send the delay back to itself via a reverb. I use a "great british spring" which is a stereo spring reverb in a plastic drainpipe.....

with the effects on different sends, & returned up normal mixer channels, you can then vary the amount of reverb sent back to the delay, the amount of delay sent back to the delay, the amount of either sent to the reverb, & the amount of either that you actually hear at the main output. avoiding horrible howlrounds is the tricky part, but once it's settled down, the results are quite nice.



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