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Re: BAY AREA new music scene

At 1:54 PM -0700 4/9/06, loop.pool wrote:
>Also, for David who asked where everyone is in Oakland,   that's the 
>problem.............there are tons of people
>there but there isn't much of a scene, yet although , hopefully, the 
>operative word there is YET.
>I agree with Bruce, though.   21 Grand is really great and I love 
>the Luggage Store series (and have been blessed to
>play both of these venues several times).   Zoe Keating and Aaron 
>Ximm's place, 964 Natoma was phenomenal in San Francisco and I played
>several wonderful concerts there but the city made them shut down.
>Send me your email address David and I"ll let you know the next time 
>I come up to perform if you are interested.

Thanks, Rick!

I'm always a little cautious about joining "improvisers" networks or 
"new music" groups, since much of what I do is pretty conventional. 
I use looping a lot in my performance, and I do create new music live 
in every show, but I also do a lot of straightforward Americana-type 

I think of myself as a little too weird for the singer-songwriter 
scene, and a little too conventional (accessible?) for the improv 

I had a nasty and humiliating experience in Berkeley a few years ago 
when Henry Kaiser and John Oswald invited me to participate in a 
noise-type event.  my guitar playing was way too pretty and 
conventional for the context, and I wound up feeling kinda stupid by 
the time it was over.


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