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Re: BAY AREA new music scene

> I had a nasty and humiliating experience in Berkeley a few years ago
> when Henry Kaiser and John Oswald invited me to participate in a
> noise-type event.  my guitar playing was way too pretty and
> conventional for the context, and I wound up feeling kinda stupid by
> the time it was over.

Sounds like you got the attention but not the approval. ;-)

Don't worry about it.  That scene didn't work out.  Try another scene.  If
that scene doesn't work out and the one after that, then maybe that whole
scene isn't for you. Time to try a way different scene.

When I was learning my chops, my motto used to be that any jam I didn't get
asked to leave was a success.  Sounds like you have the chops just not the
scene where they're welcome.  Nobody can put you down without your 
 Cultivate a serene smile--if nothing else, it will utterly mystify your
enemies. :-)