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BAY AREA new music scene

Bruce Tovsky recommended the 21 Grand and the Luggage Store series put on 
Matt Davignon.

I'd also recommend that anyone interested in new music in the bay area 
should go a
and join the Bay Area Improvisers Network.  Apparently, the person who 
this list (and please correct me if I"m wrong)
is John Lee.    He should be up for knighthood for making such a 
ridiculously great resource for the new music community.

Here is an exhaustive list of places to listen to or book a new music show


They also have a wonderful and constantly updated calendar as well.


Please consider joining the site and contributing some money to help them 
what they do so well for no money at all.

The show I just saw with messrs.  Kaiser, Looney and our own Roberto Zorzi 
was a house concert
at Scott Looney's home, but it was listed on the Bay Area Improvisers 
Network calendar.

Also, for David who asked where everyone is in Oakland,   that's the 
problem.............there are tons of people
there but there isn't much of a scene, yet although , hopefully, the 
operative word there is YET.

I agree with Bruce, though.   21 Grand is really great and I love the 
Luggage Store series (and have been blessed to
play both of these venues several times).   Zoe Keating and Aaron Ximm's 
place, 964 Natoma was phenomenal in San Francisco and I played
several wonderful concerts there but the city made them shut down.

Send me your email address David and I"ll let you know the next time I 
up to perform if you are interested.

yours,  Rick