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RE: lexicon vs electrix (was Jam-Man for sale)

Your Welcome...As soon as I get more scoots, I'm going to have Pete Toms
modify mine, even so I love my Repeater and its quirky personality, still
very vital to my thing, even though I love both the EDP and the LP1 as 
Via la difference I say..

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That's a great tip Bill.  I do that with my software
sequencer, but I forgot I could put it in my FCB1010
as well.

The really unfortunate nature of the Repeater:
Software v 2 will never see the light of day.  There
are dozens of tiny tweaks that would make the Repeater
even more amazing than it already is.   Maybe this is
why it's the looper that people seem to love to hate.

--- William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:

> unfortunately the repeater
> does not save it's "mute dry signal" preference.
> No, but you can assign that to a midi pedal, and
> once you toggle the dry
> mute on, it stays on, no matter if you hit that
> switch again. On my
> Behringer FCB1010 I assign it to the same preset on
> my 00 bank as stop
> start, and always remember to hit stop start first
> after I power up so that
> input signal is muted and all the latency and noise
> issues disappear.
> Bill

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