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RE: Noise Pancakes in the news!

Once again I find myself on the wrong coast. Seems like the West has all
the cool cars, the trainspotting action, and the most vibrant avant scene.

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> From: 3nki <3nki@modaldub.net>
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> Date: 4/5/2006 1:03:23 PM
> Subject: Noise Pancakes in the news!
> definitely worth reading:
> http://www.sfweekly.com/Issues/2006-03-15/listenup/listenfeat3_full.html
> excerpt:
> It's Saturday morning in San Francisco. Across the city, scenesters  
> sit bleary-eyed in diners, sucking greasy spoons and mainlining  
> caffeine. But in an airy loft in the dirty heart of the Mission, 30  
> people of various ages are chatting brightly, paper plates in hands  
> and on knees, carving into vegan gingerbread pancakes, and taking in  
> some utterly brutal electronic live music. This is "Godwaffle Noise  
> Pancakes," a monthly gathering for fans of gourmet griddle fare and  
> sonic violence.
> [ ... ]
> Noise is about the transitory joy and pain that unfold at each  
> performance, whether during the sweaty electronic terror of the  
> national scene's current ambassadors to the mainstream, Wolf Eyes;  
> the gore-pop of Spider Compass Goodcrime Band; or the manipulated- 
> feedback monsoon of Bacillus, who appears on the Postscript DVD in a  
> full biohazard get-up, the necessity of which becomes clear when he  
> steps into the audience and releases some powdery viruses into the air.
> It's also wonderful to see music made by people who couldn't give a  
> shit about making any money. A noise artist will never get a record  
> deal, despite the fact that he will likely invest hundreds of dollars  
> in laptops, tape machines, sound processors, musical instruments,  
> effects pedals, and anal beads.
> At today's "Noise Pancakes," the watchers are made up of young  
> hipsters, scruffy old metal dudes, middle-aged art types, and a small  
> phalanx of pretty UC Berkeley undergrads doing some sort of  
> "research." In a corner, a young couple placidly sits on a couch  
> reading the newspaper while Noel Von Harmonson (from local garage- 
> psych band Comets on Fire) unleashes a thunderous solo set not three  
> feet away. In broad daylight, in full view of the Financial District,  
> urbanely eating pancakes, it feels like we are winning a little war.  
> Against what it's unclear, but the fight is delightful.