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Impedance question (was: AW: 2 Questions)

OK, so I think I understand the problem a little better after reading up on
impedance a little......

So I understnd (hopefully) that the Repeater WANTS a line level signal, and
that by putting a DI in between my bass & the Repeater, I should be able to
get rid of any noise caused by that mismatch.  So my question now is, is
there a box that works the opposite way? ie something that will take the
line level signal from the Repeater's output & change it to a level that my
amps FX loop can handle? If not, I will just have to purchase a pair of
monitors, but it'd be nice to solve the whole issue with a couple of $25

As always, thanks for the help.....

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> I've got 2 mixers at home- a Nady 4 chanel mini mixer
> (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Live/Sound/Mixers?sku=
> 630433), and a Behringer UB1002
> (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Live/Sound/Mixers?sku=
> 631237).  Any suggestions on how exactly to incorporate those
> into the rig? Could I run
> Repeater>one of those mixers>monitors & get a decent sound
> out of that
> Repeater>set
> up? I think that would be ideal if it works.......any

what would work is: Bass->DI->mixer in (I figure one of them has phantom
power)->Repeater->monitors, or even more flexible: Bass->DI->mixer in/mixer
aux send->repeater->back into mixer/mixer out->monitors.
A DI with an excellent price/performance ratio is Behringer's DI-20 (one of
their few devices which really sound good), which costs slightly less than
the model number in pound sterling...

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