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Re: Real-time category

I for one really enjoyed this discussion, and feel that I've learned a
lot.  This is why this is such a great list--it certainly was not a
waste of bandwidth. Maybe someday I'll know enough to actually
participate in such a discussion. : )

On 12/9/05, Jeff Larson <Jeffrey.Larson@sun.com> wrote:
> Travis Hartnett wrote:
> > And what I've been trying to say is that "When using audio tools that
> > run on a PC, it's easy to bring any computer to a crawl, with
> > dedicated hardware there are design safeguards/limitations that
> > usually prevent this."
> I agree with this completely.  But I don't think this is how
> the thread got started.  I thought this started from the premise
> that it was impossible to perform MIDI command processing
> and synchronization accurately enough for Sensitive Real
> Musicians on a platform that wasn't running a real-time OS.
> If all this time we were just doing the "robustness"
> and "purpose built UI" debate then I've wasted a lot of
> bandwidth :-)
> Happy Holidays,
> Jeff

Art Simon