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Re: Real-time category


     I seem to understand what Kim is saying perfectly well.  You seem 
like a very intellegent
person, though you don't seem to see things the same way.  I have one 
question for you and I don't
mean it to sound elitist or anything.

     Are you a Musician?

     Not, do you play an instrument, rather, if we jammed together, would 
I come away from that
experience saying to myself, man, that Jeff is a Real Musician...

     Perhaps answering this question may throw some light on the whole 
topic under consideration. 
The way I see it, nobody except a musician really gives a hoot as to 
whether or not a Looper has a
RTOS.  I think Kim has stated very well and quite clearly, that non real 
time systems are quite
fine and adequate for many uses and users.  Just not for musicians.


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