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Re: Real-time category

Travis Hartnett wrote:
> What I was referring to was the potential of
> unanticipated delays in processing commands within an audio
> application which are a result of OS design that are possibly beyond
> the ability of a regular user to address.

I guess your musical experience with loopers is based on hardware 
loopers. (Mine is based on both hardware and software)

I practically do not have unanticipated delays in my setup. (point)
This is just my experience, and thats why I thought the quote on the 
Loopers Delight website is just an oppinion either based on outdated 
experience or based only on a theory about RTOS versus non-RTOS which 
has not been proofed.

Of course its easy to bring down any computer to crawl, if you ask it to 
do more than it can handle... But this limitation will show up way, way 
later than a limitation to just do tasks, a handfull of hardware loopers 
could do. Assuming you buy as many hardware loopers for the amount of 
money you would have to invest into a computer, a sound card and some 
Midi controllers.

My experience with software is, that it opens up a complete new world 
and ways of thinking how to deal with live recorded material.

Imagine: The software does a live analysis of the material which is 
flying in. Based on that it will sort it into categories of events. 
You'll be able to play these events in any way you want, trigger them by 
other audio events, play them on a keyboard or with drumpads. let them 
fly around in a multichannel speaker setup. Create a flock of sounds 
with 100 voices, rearrange the events within a loop....
This is just going way beyond what you could ever imagine to put as a 
fixed feature set into a little box which has to be bought by a lot of 
people to make it into a sellable instrument.

I am not quite at the point I am describing here, but I am getting close 



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