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Re: Real-time category

Stefan said: "I practically do not have unanticipated delays in my
setup....Of course its easy to bring down any computer to crawl, if
you ask it to do more than it can handle... "

See, I read this as "I sometimes have unanticipated delays in my setup
but I've learned to avoid doing many of the things which trigger that

And what I've been trying to say is that "When using audio tools that
run on a PC, it's easy to bring any computer to a crawl, with
dedicated hardware there are design safeguards/limitations that
usually prevent this."  I'm not saying "hardware good, software bad"
but rather pointing out that dedicated hardware tends to be more
robust and that software offers many more options, but not all of them
at once, all the time.

Software manufacturers like to boast things like "Unlimited tracks!!!"
in big print and "Depending on memory and processor limitations" in
small print.