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Re: SooperLooper beta released for OSX

>On Fri, 18 Feb 2005 12:54:06 -0300, Matthias Grob <matthias@grob.org> 
>>  >OK, getting the multiply quantized behavior to drop cycles like the
>>  >EDP *should* work when quantize is set to cycle.   Also, ending Mult
>>  >with Record should also do an unrounded loop truncation.  It works for
>>  >me here....
>>  ok, I did not test those (I hate quantize :-)
>>  I meant rounding to less cycles
>>  its a refreshing effect when you have a long winding loop and
>>  suddenly start dancing around one curve of it, without changing the
>>  basic groove.
>I guess I don't really understand then... from the EDP manual it
>appears the only way to lose cycles was to use multiply when quantize
>is on.  Does this also work when quantize is  off?  If so, i suggest
>some documentation updates ;)

yes, thats in case of wanting less longer cycles at constant loop 
lenght, a very special task
I was talking about reducing loop length to less cycles (keeping 
cycle lenght), just basic multiply...

>  > Unrounded mulitply is also great, rather chilling because a new
>>  groove is created.
>That should work correctly in SL, does it for you?

sometimes, but mostly it creates a longer loop than I tap or it 
repeats a slightly different part, I dont quite understand...

>  > By the way: the Multiple number is the one I most look at...
>Do you mean MultiIncrease from LoopIV?  SL should support that too,
>although there is no visual indication that it is happening.  Also, it
>stays in Multiply mode for the duration.

again, thats a special function... and you are right, its hard to use 
without that visual feeback on how many you have got.

>Or do you mean a visual indication of the current cycle # during 
>playback?  That is easily added to the GUI.

yes, thats what I mean. and even more so the total number of cycles 
while multiplying.

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