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Re: Larry - it's about MUSIC.

On Feb 17, 2005, at 9:13 AM, Larry Cooperman wrote:

> I also found out last night that I can post in wav. format.  Do most 
> people have the ability to hear that?
I'm a Mac user, but my understanding is that  the .wav format is a 
Windows native, lossless medium type, comparable to AIFF. The files 
will be large because they're uncompressed, but any windows user will 
be able to play them, as well as Mac users with Quicktime - and perhaps 
other media players as well. So the answer is, yes, most people will be 
able to hear them.

> Bravery?  How could this possibly scare me?  It's just the time.  I've 
> got a business and family life.  A little at a time.
I used the word bravery because your compositions, are at least to 
some, now unable to stand on their own merit. Your discourse on this 
list has, perhaps irrevocably, biased some members of this particular 
audience in one direction or the other.
        It's a bit like jury selection. To get a fair and accurate 
one would have to actually find people that have never seen or heard 
about the White Bronco 'slowing' down the highway.

I must admit, you've expanded the plausible nullification of any 
negative assessment from your original pre-emption "The neophyte does 
not have the ability to understand me" to also include "It is not my 
creative work that generated a negative assessment, but rather my 
        That is a pretty convenient defense strategy, intentional or 
otherwise, but if what you'd like is feedback on your music   the lack 
of which, after a 7 month pre-natal period, bore your recent paroxysm  
you've effectively (at the very least potentially) removed the 
legitimacy of any feedback you receive. That goes for positive as well 
as negative feedback.