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Re: what are we arguing about again?

 > i am on a high fat diet for something that dribbles the fat of meaning
 > down my chin.  i condemn those people who are on low fat musical diets
 > that are giving advice to high fat musicians.  that's all.

I have about as much passion for this topic as I do for the hair
medallions forming in my shower drain.  But I must say that I truly
love this quote.  I intend to use it for my own nefarious purposes.

In the field in which I work (computers), we have similar issues.
Something truly innovative is rare, and requires a lot of study or
theft.  But the water between the innovators and the people that know
how to operate an email client is wide.  There is plenty of room for
advice within this spectrum.  The same, I would imagine, is true
for musicians.