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Re: Re:

On Feb 15, 2005, at 2:05 PM, Todd Pafford wrote:

> Larry Cooperman wrote:
>> ...a player who knows nothing about music history is doomed to repeat 
>> it, get stoned and think he is a rebel...
> Maybe, but isn't the important point that said musician had fun doing 
> it?  That at the end of his or her short life they can look back with 
> fondness about how they spent their time?

damn do i always have fun but don't you want to know when you've 
actually said something?  i mean is it such a bad thing to know a whole 
hell of a lot of music?  why does anyone want to limit themselves 
unless it's just entertainment.  in that case you know what stroke 
feels good and it doesn't stretch you so you can get stoned on it and 
forget that there are things that you don't understand.
> It seems to me, Larry, that you're very caught up in the judgment of 
> other people's entertainment.  That if it does not, in your opinion, 
> fulfill some criteria of artistic merit or newness then it is a waste 
> of time.

yes, we all chose what to waste out time on.  i look for my 
entertainment watching american idol and star trek.  i separate 
artistic merit and entertainment.  they usually make an oxymoron.
> In my opinion this is a very narrow portal through wich to experience 
> life.

Well actually Todd I was saying that about someone who is limited by 
music as entertainment.  i do have a great time playing music.
> Ultimately, isn't judging a musician's art like judging someone's 
> cooking?  Do you like it?  Good.  Oh, you don't like it?  Then don't 
> eat it.  Don't condemn others who do like the cuisine.

i am on a high fat diet for something that dribbles the fat of meaning 
down my chin.  i condemn those people who are on low fat musical diets 
that are giving advice to high fat musicians.  that's all.

> My two cents.
> Todd
Larry Cooperman
New Millennium Guitar