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Re: people opinion of people

Didn't the musician-who-was-criticized request "brutal honesty" in the 

When you ask for that from strangers, you might get something that's a 
little heavy on the "brutal" aspect, although I don't remember the 
response that triggered all this to having been brutal or cruel.  It 
may have been unfounded or inconsiderate, or it may have just been an 
honest opinion.  I haven't gotten the impression that the recipient is 
weeping in his room, forever scarred by what's been said.

When you decide to take your music out before the public, that's the 
risk you take.  Some people will tell you it sucks and that you suck, 
some will jeer openly or write Pitchfork-eque review and some may be so 
put off by it they won't even say anything for seven months.  As a 
public musician one needs to have thicker skin then the average person. 
  Much thicker.  If I had a nickel for every demo or booking letter that 
I've sent out which never garnered any response despite multiple follow 
ups, I'd be a rich man.

On Feb 15, 2005, at 7:49 PM, Larry Cooperman wrote:

> but, and that is a big butt, this is about music and people's work.  a 
> person said something to another a thing that was not productive.  the 
> walker bros haven't listened to my cd in 7 months so some protocols 
> have been broken.