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SV: echoplex---repeater TIPS???????

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Från: mark francombe [mailto:mark@mark-red.com] 
 interested in HOW you guys are using both these tools TOGETHER… I have initially started by synching FROM the echoplex (whereas before I was synching Repeater from a drum-machine) This is cool, but CAN be weird when you start a new loop in echoplex and cos of the 8th quant setting Repeater is clocking WAY too fast, and out of its range, this CAN be corrected by CHANGING the 8th setting… but that’s one… er… thing,.  
Hi Mark,
Yes, the Repeater setting off speeding can be annoying and changing the EDP 8th/cycle on the fly is not precisely intuitive ;-)   A useful tip is to use a foot midi pedal to change program in the EDP. Keep a couple of identical programs but with different set-up for the 8th/cycle and you're home. This will also open up a row of interesting possibilities to run loops in the EDP and Repeater polyrythmically.
Another trick that I'm having a lot of fun with is to use a double foot controller command (possible with the Behringer FCB1010) to sending the EDP the LOOP4 midi command for HalfSpeed together with the prgr change command for the EDP program with a doubled 8th/cycle setting. This will bring the EDP down into HalfSpeed without taking the tempo down by 50 percent. What you can do then is to record into both the EDP and the Repeater and then kick only the EDP into HalfSpeed. Of course this also calls for a second button to go back - EDP FullSpeed together and the half 8th/cycle value.
 Another is that the Repeater doesn’t even receive synch till you fire up a loop on the echoplex (Derrrrr!!!… of course)  


Yes, but you can do some cool thing with that ;-)  Try starting out by recording an ambient pad into the repeater (set to midi sync and EDP as slave) without starting the EDP. Just overdub a lot of layers into the repeater until it sounds very squashy and spacey. While keeping up the playing stop recording into the Repeater and start recording a loop into the EDP. As soon as you close the first EDP loop the Repeater will change tempo to catch up with the EDP clock master. To my ears this sounds just awesome no matter the musical material looping in the machines at the moment. It's just a very beautiful "sound stretch" happening.


If I do not start out a set like above, I start with recording some loops into the EDP and carefully watching the bpm meter of the Repeater to be sure I won't start recording into that machin in a tempo it can not handle. If the tempo is low - no problem for the Repeater, just record along. But if the tempo is more than 80 bpm I usually either go into EDP HalfSpeed before laying down something into the Repeater or I do a EDP "Multiply ended by the Record button", which changes the EDP loop lenght, which is the base for tempo calculation.


Merry Xmas to everyone!

Per Boysen