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echoplex---repeater TIPS???????



As the proud new owner of a brand new echoplex, I am in the process of diving as deep as possible into the whirlpool that is LoopIV…. Phew!!! Its taking some time I can tell you, one new feature needs playing with for a few weeks before I can move onto the next page in the manual… but loving it…


BUT>>> I KNOW many of you are using it in combination with Repeater. I also have one, and was interested in HOW you guys are using both these tools TOGETHER… I have initially started by synching FROM the echoplex (whereas before I was synching Repeater from a drum-machine) This is cool, but CAN be weird when you start a new loop in echoplex and cos of the 8th quant setting Repeater is clocking WAY too fast, and out of its range, this CAN be corrected by CHANGING the 8th setting… but that’s one… er… thing,. Another is that the Repeater doesn’t even receive synch till you fire up a loop on the echoplex (Derrrrr!!!… of course) tho I haven’t investigated the mode where you can dial up a BPM first…


…Anyway these are the things im interested in, HOW are you guys synching these 2 beasts, what settings, and what tricks/tips have you got for me???


Looking forward to lots of good advice,


Merry Xmas all my looping friends,,