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Re: echoplex---repeater TIPS???????

--- mark francombe <mark@mark-red.com> wrote:
> .Anyway these are the things im interested in, HOW
> are you guys synching
> these 2 beasts, what settings, and what tricks/tips
> have you got for me???

Lately, I've been using my Repeater as master & have
been pleased with the results. I'm pretty much
devoting the Repeater to looping sounds from my VG-8.
My "regular" guitar signal goes to the EDP for
treatment as a synced loop or delay. Fortunately,
my Oberheim Drummer syncs very well to the Repeater.
I can't vouch for other drum machines. I've tried
syncing my Adrenalinn drum sounds to the Repeater but
it usually glitches at the loop point.

I gave up on syncing the Repeater to the EDP because
it can't seem to settle down on an incoming sync
signal. I was constantly getting some degree of time


John Tidwell

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