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Re: echoplex---repeater TIPS???????

Hi Mark,
I posted the same question a while back cause i was
having the same issues.I gave up trying to sync both
of them this can be frustrating live! basically use
the EDP as my main looper because i can do lots of
editing on the fly and the repeater for more ambient
stuff,looping my synth in stereo,pitch shifting etc.
but the cool thing about having a mixer for both is
being able to dump your loops from the EDP to the
repeater and viceversa.
--- mark francombe <mark@mark-red.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> As the proud new owner of a brand new echoplex, I am
> in the process of
> diving as deep as possible into the whirlpool that
> is LoopIV.. Phew!!!
> Its taking some time I can tell you, one new feature
> needs playing with
> for a few weeks before I can move onto the next page
> in the manual. but
> loving it.
> BUT>>> I KNOW many of you are using it in
> combination with Repeater. I
> also have one, and was interested in HOW you guys
> are using both these
> tools TOGETHER. I have initially started by synching
> FROM the echoplex
> (whereas before I was synching Repeater from a
> drum-machine) This is
> cool, but CAN be weird when you start a new loop in
> echoplex and cos of
> the 8th quant setting Repeater is clocking WAY too
> fast, and out of its
> range, this CAN be corrected by CHANGING the 8th
> setting. but that's
> one. er. thing,. Another is that the Repeater
> doesn't even receive synch
> till you fire up a loop on the echoplex (Derrrrr!!!.
> of course) tho I
> haven't investigated the mode where you can dial up
> a BPM first. 
> .Anyway these are the things im interested in, HOW
> are you guys synching
> these 2 beasts, what settings, and what tricks/tips
> have you got for
> me???
> Looking forward to lots of good advice,
> Merry Xmas all my looping friends,,
> Mark 


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