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Re: Howie Day

Kim Flint wrote:

> I saw Howie Day open for Tori Amos. He was really good, and the Tori 
> fans seemed to dig him. Fairly straightforward singer/songwriter/guitar 
> strummer thing. He uses loops and delays extensively throughout his 
> performance on both his guitar and vocals, and integrates it into his 
> sound in a very organic way. It's all very supportive of the songs and 
> fills out the sound with extra parts and harmonies and such, created on 
> the fly. He frequently creates percussion loops out of taps on different 
> parts of his acoustic guitar. It works very well.

My wife saw Howie Day at a Tori Amos concert as well and was impressed 
enough to buy me his CD.  After listening to the CD, I was unimpressed. 
  Mainstream radio blah.  Sounds like he puts on a good live show though.