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Re: Howie Day

At 08:37 AM 4/30/2003, Paulzric@aol.com wrote:
>Don't know a thing about this fella. Is he on the list?
>Apparently he uses a Boss looper (model eludes) and is highly
>praised in a recording 'zine (publication name evades), but his method is 
>explicitly described as loop-based AND he's (fringe) mainstream.

I saw Howie Day open for Tori Amos. He was really good, and the Tori fans 
seemed to dig him. Fairly straightforward singer/songwriter/guitar 
thing. He uses loops and delays extensively throughout his performance on 
both his guitar and vocals, and integrates it into his sound in a very 
organic way. It's all very supportive of the songs and fills out the sound 
with extra parts and harmonies and such, created on the fly. He frequently 
creates percussion loops out of taps on different parts of his acoustic 
guitar. It works very well.

In one amusing part towards the end of his set he stopped 
and went to just mixing and manipulating the loops he had set up. He was 
ping ponging fragments between loops, chopping it up and remixing it to 
some pretty good dance grooves. After that bit he said "I always wanted to 
be a dj" and then went back to the singer/strummer thing. It all worked 
great, I thought. He put on a good show.

I don't know where you guys get this notion that looping isn't 
"mainstream". Phil Keaggy? Keller Williams? Trey Anastasio? Even Chet 
Atkins before he passed on... There's all kinds of people doing stuff like 
this. Just because you happen to make weird music and you use looping 
doesn't mean looping is weird. It's just a technique that people use in 
sorts of music.


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