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Re: Howie Day

just been listening to his set in the Morning Becomes Eclectic archive -
www.kcrw.org - which also features some loopalicious Torn-action, and some
other great sets by Meshell, DJ Shadow, Royksopp, Charlie Hunter, Norah
Jones, Michael Franti, Gail Anne Dorsey etc. etc....

Howie's very good indeed



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> Don't know a thing about this fella. Is he on the list?
> Apparently he uses a Boss looper (model eludes) and is highly
> praised in a recording 'zine (publication name evades), but his method is
explicitly described as loop-based AND he's (fringe) mainstream.
> Thought you all'd like to (or already) know. Okay, I'm through
> (with) writing in parentheses.