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Re: Howie Day

Kim Flint wrote:

> At 08:37 AM 4/30/2003, Paulzric@aol.com wrote:
> >Don't know a thing about this fella. Is he on the list?
> >Apparently he uses a Boss looper (model eludes) and is highly
> >praised in a recording 'zine (publication name evades), but his method 
> >explicitly described as loop-based AND he's (fringe) mainstream.
> I saw Howie Day open for Tori Amos. He was really good, and the Tori fans
> seemed to dig him. Fairly straightforward singer/songwriter/guitar 
> thing. He uses loops and delays extensively throughout his performance on
> both his guitar and vocals, and integrates it into his sound in a very
> organic way. It's all very supportive of the songs and fills out the 
> with extra parts and harmonies and such, created on the fly. He 
> creates percussion loops out of taps on different parts of his acoustic
> guitar. It works very well.
> In one amusing part towards the end of his set he stopped 
> and went to just mixing and manipulating the loops he had set up. He was
> ping ponging fragments between loops, chopping it up and remixing it to 
> some pretty good dance grooves. After that bit he said "I always wanted 
> be a dj" and then went back to the singer/strummer thing. It all worked
> great, I thought. He put on a good show.
> I don't know where you guys get this notion that looping isn't
> "mainstream". Phil Keaggy? Keller Williams? Trey Anastasio? Even Chet
> Atkins before he passed on... There's all kinds of people doing stuff 
> this. Just because you happen to make weird music and you use looping
> doesn't mean looping is weird. It's just a technique that people use in 
> sorts of music.
> kim
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    I echo Kim's sentiments about looping being a tool that can be used in 
kinds of music.  For myself, I am a fairly pop oriented singer/songwriter.
When I perform live, I play my pop oriented originals as well as many pop 
songs.  I incorporate lots of looping, alternate tuned acoustic guitar,
electric lap steel solos, and effects (delays, adrenalinn, pitch-shifting,
etc.)  Looping has made performances for me a real adventure because there 
an element of danger and unknown at every gig.
    That being said, being a member of this list has opened me up to all 
of great music that I may not have know about.  David Torn/Andre 
Twin/Squarepusher to name a few.
    I quess my point is that I try to keep an open mind, and let all kinds 
music seep into my own.
    Regarding Howie Day:  I happen to be a big fan.  I just picked up his 
new Madrigals E.P.  It comes with a bonus DVD of 4 live looped songs.  It 
really an outstanding package.  Great sound quality and video work.  There 
lots of closeups of his pedal boards. Two DL-4's(one for voice, one for
guitar)  I picked this up for $7.98 at my local record store!  I think it's
quite a steal for that price.  I recommend this highly for anybody who is 
looping, or just good music for that matter.