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Re: OT: amp modelers vs amp modelers???

  I've played with a VG-8, 8-ex, 88, GT-5, GT-3, GT-6, Korg PX-1, PX-4
(Pandora), Digitech RP-2000, Roland GX-700, and POD.  This isn't counting
the earlier effects processors which didn't have specific amp sims in them.
 My favs are easily the GT-6 and PX-4, but I haven't tried the POD 2,or POD
pro, <smile>  whatever it's called!   lol!   So I'd like to check that one
out.  Honestly though, none of them so far, to me at least, have quite the
feel of a tube, though the  two I mentioned play very nicely, and come
closest in my opinion.  <smile>   -just my thoughts...  



At 11:03 AM 4/30/03 -0500, you wrote:
>all this talk of amp modelers vs. tubes amps has me wondering:
>has anyone ever had a chance to test (A/B) the different
>digital amp modelers available?? (pod, j-station, behringer v-amp, 
>rp & genesis, korg pandora, plus any i'm missing... etc)??
>was just curious.
>i have the digitech rp100, and it's decent, i've played a pod for about 
>min once, and wasn't too thrilled w/ it, but that may have been b/c i was
>testing it w/ a crappy (new) fender squire strat that was not a great 
>to play....just curious.....


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