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Re: Repeater as Used by Bill Walker

>>>The most interesting thing Bill did in his show in San Luis Obispo IMHO
to use the synth guitar info to modulate the pitch of the Repeater loop.
One of the biggest limitations of loop music seems to me to be the tendency
to stay in one tonality--and he used the pitch shift to great effect.
Plays pretty good too!<<<<

I'm amazed you can pick out a most interesting thing from Bill's
performance - he's got to be one of the most engaging looping people I've
ever come across - writes great tunes, gets amazing sounds, some very cool
loop tricks and is funny with it! ..and don't get me started on Bill's
guitar tone - if ever I'm talking to tone-purists who go on about the
feeble-ness of modeling amps, I have to agree in lots of cases, but suggest
that they somehow get to hear Bill - better tone than most guys I've heard
using matchless amps...

...shame he such an ass-hole... <joke!!!!! :o)  >