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Re: Laptop recommendations

> other programs that I will be using are found on both platforms (Ableton's
> live,
> Antares KANTOS---------check this one out Macies and PCers.......it's the
> bomb)
Admitedly, I've only fooled around with a pirated version, but, what's the big deal with this? Everything I get out of it sounds like a bad vococder. Nothing sounds particularly new, or usable...
Can someone point me the direction of the light?
> The other salient factor is the price.............right now for the price it
> would
> take me to buy a closed architecture Titanium 800 mghz laptop I can get a
> state of the art and upgradeable PC laptop.
How important is battery powered operation? If you can deal with plugging in to the wall to use your machine, you definitely need to check out the desknote format. It's a laptop, which doesn't have a battery. It's upgradeable with regular pc parts, and significantly cheaper than a regular laptop.
You should be able to find out more about this kind of machine at
Do a search - the did comparisions of various desknotes on there a while ago.
. .groovetronica.com. .