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Re: Laptop recommendations(why a laptop at all?)

> Cons:
> 1.  Flatscreen monitors are expensive (but if you are hardcore [i.e. poor
> like me] then you could substitute a regular monitor).
> 2.  Another six-space rack to lug (probably 30 lbs).

Also add to this:

3. Noisy as hell. (you may be able to fix this, provide you use an
aftermarket P.S. and chip coolers. Then you will have a box which is Noisy
as a desktop pc)
4. As susceptible to vibration and shock damage as a regular pc.
5. Most rack cases are too deep to put in an 18" audio rack - they are 
for 24"-32" machine room/telecom racks)

> I have not been reading intently lately, but I sense that the PCI bus is
> its way out, to be replaced by Firewire. USB2 and whatever else comes
> but for some reason I still trust a desktop machine more than a laptop.

You are still using a pci bus when you use firewire.

> Maybe that's folly, since a laptop should be designed to be moved around
> jostled, and a desktop (even in a server case) is designed to sit in a
> in a machine room.  Although, there are shock-mount kits you can get for
> rack-mount chassis.

They don't work very well and are expensive. Whatever you do, stay way from
the SKB shock mount cases - they bend under the weight of the gear, and
you'll find it progressively harder to put the doors back on after each 
Flimsy garbage.

Yet another alternative:


Starting price : $2,000(!!)


.  .groovetronica.com.  .