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Re: Laptop recommendations(why a laptop at all?)

FWIW, Flat panels don't have the RF signature of tubes.

I have to stand sideways when recording my stick in front of my pc :>


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Subject: Re: Laptop recommendations(why a laptop at all?)

> --- Jesse Ray Lucas <jlucas@neoprimitive.net> wrote:
> > > Sure, but then why buy a rack mount? Just get one of those $20 pc 
> > > straps' and carry your pc around that way.
> >
> > Because having it racked minimizes the number of connections that have
to be
> > made during on-stage setup.  Just plug in the power and the monitor and
> > you're on, plus the rack does provide *some* protection and makes the 
> > stackable with other racks.
> You may find that the PC itself presents too noisy an RF environment to
> mount with or near other audio gear. If it doesn't, it's monitor may.
> Greg
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