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Hooking up EDP (or other racks) with PA

Question: since I am working with acoustice instruments and a live mike, I
usually run my own mikes into my own pre-amp/monitor, which then goes to a
front-of-house board. My output cable that I give to the FOH soundman is a
line out XLR, ie, low impedance.

The EDP, and many other rackmount units, have a Line Out 1/4" jack, so the
question is: would it be better for me to get a small mixer with XLR outs,
and then run the EDP thru an effects loop (inserts) thru the mixer? Or is
there a better way? I want only the minimum equipment for the job, but
high-quality, low noise is my highest concern.

In theory, a line out could also be low impedance and balanced, even if it
was a 1/4" jack (stereo) - but I don't know if the EDP has this.(??)
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