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Laptop recommendations

The inevitable Mac/PC debate will go on forever,

Several people have advised me to purchase a laptop based
on the specific software that I know I want to use.

There is much incredible software for both platforms but the software
I am addicted to working with are:
2)Sound Forge (not the best digital editor but certainly the easiest and
intuitive to use of the three major ones on PC)
3)Vegas Video
4) Tuareg
5) Fruity Loops pro which was the best software drum machine in all
existence until they recently went through the stratosphere with
their new Fruity Loops Studio...........check out the latest issue
of Computer Music for a thorough run down on the incredible changes to
this program

These are all, unfortunately, for Macies,  PC only programs.  They also
represent a solid three years of learning curve to get really fluent in

other programs that I will be using are found on both platforms (Ableton's
Antares KANTOS---------check this one out Macies and PCers.......it's the

The other salient factor is the price.............right now for the price 
take me to buy a closed architecture Titanium 800 mghz laptop I can get a
state of the art and upgradeable PC laptop.

So,  configuration time with the PC has to be weighed against learning 
of all brand new software plus familiarization of a brand new operating

I salute you Macies.................their is no doubt that you all use
elegant systems that run smoothly.......but finances and time are pushing 
towards the

Thanks for all of your advise.............yours, Rick

P.S. I still don't know what sound card to get though, if there is more
input on that particular question, I'd appreciate it.