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Re: Doug Wimbush/Tackhead

I'd have to disagree ... at least on the "live" aspects of Jungle Funk ...
although their CDs were disappointing, I thought their live shows were

I happen to catch them twice in 1998 with a bunch of friends and we all 
very inspired by these shows (also Will Lee and T.M. Steven were in the
audience) ... in fact, after I figured out they had Lexicon Jammen in their
racks, searching for more info on this gear lead me to join this list ...
and I ended buying a Jamman and an EDP as a result.

Also, seeing Doug's great use of effects made me want to experiment with
effects again after being told by other musicians for years that "effects
just are not for bass" ...

Plus, how often do you get to see (4) Korg Wavedrums on one stage ...

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> At 4:25 PM -0600 3/7/2002, Bill Cummings wrote:
> >Agreed
> I definitely think "Jungle Funk" is not one of the high points of
> Wimbush's career. One some levels, you really can't fault the
> performances, especially with all the looping that they did (it was
> pretty amazing that it was live, although there were obviously some
> backing tracks). But basically, the material was pretty weak. Yet
> more proof that content is more important than technique.