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FCB 1010 update


there is an update to the Behringer FCB1010 footpedal, which some of 
us are using to control the Repeater.  This update has a feature 
which allows you to copy presets, which would make my life a bit 
easier, for sure.

the update is available on the website, as well as a pdf update 
manual.  however, the information needs to be burned onto an Eprom 
and then installed.

i made a phone call to Behringer US customer service, hoping they 
would be able to ship eproms, since i don't have a burner for such a 

the gentleman suggested i call an electronics store that could 
download the update and burn it onto the chip, and that they are 
still figuring out how to provide the update here in the US.

he gave me a name of Condor Electronics in Seattle, and suggested i 
contact them.

Is this a common thing that local electronics companies would be able 
to do?  I'm in southern california...

any suggestions?