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Re: Doug Wimbush/Tackhead

> BTW...last year, maybe the year before, Wimbish,
> Will Calhoun, and Vinx put 
> togther a project called "Jungle Funk". Now
> disbanded, they put out only one 
> CD, a live recording from europe.  All three used
> loops extensively (Wimbish 
> with a JamMan and 2290; Calhoun with 3 JamMAns, and
> Vinx with two) all MIDI 
> sync'd.  Really amazing work; vox, percussion and
> bass...all looping very 
> seamlessly.  A very cool and worthwhilew looping
> disc.

that disc was definitely from a few years ago...and as
a huge living colour fan, i felt the need to check it
out...especially after reading about the disc in bass
player mag.  granted, that was a few years ago and i
have matured quite a bit musically in those years, but
as far as i can remember, that jungle funk disc
(unless there was another disc with dw and wc from
living colour) was so terrible that i actually
returned it to the record store claiming it was a
gift.  i do believe that was the only disc that i have
ever returned in my life, and i brought it back the
day i got it!  i would say that the fact that they
disbanded so quickly might back up that it was a
horrendous project.  

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