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SLO and Looping?

I don't know what it is, but I checked the local entertainment weekly 
and looping must be the next big thing here in San Luis Obispo.  Between 
and Tuesday night, there will be as many as four separate loop performances
within a one-block radius!  Three of those are on Friday night: Dutch
Randall at Linnaea's Cafe, armatronix (me) at the Frog and Peach Pub, and
Netwerk: Electric (I believe I that they do some looping) at Mother's
Tavern.  On Tuesday night, hippie loopster Keller Williams plays a show at
SLO Brew (for $16 a head - who's his management?).  Then there was 
last weekend, and now I hear rumors that there may be a couple more looping
gigs featuring LD members on the 28th and 29th.  What the heck's going on
around here, and why does SLO suddenly seem to be the center of the looping