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Re: Doug Wimbush/Tackhead

At 4:25 PM -0600 3/7/2002, Bill Cummings wrote:

I definitely think "Jungle Funk" is not one of the high points of 
Wimbush's career. One some levels, you really can't fault the 
performances, especially with all the looping that they did (it was 
pretty amazing that it was live, although there were obviously some 
backing tracks). But basically, the material was pretty weak. Yet 
more proof that content is more important than technique.

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>>  > BTW...last year, maybe the year before, Wimbish,
>>  > Will Calhoun, and Vinx put
>>  > togther a project called "Jungle Funk". Now
>>  > disbanded, they put out only one
>>  > CD, a live recording from europe.  All three used
>>  > loops extensively (Wimbish
>>  > with a JamMan and 2290; Calhoun with 3 JamMAns, and
>>  > Vinx with two) all MIDI
>>  > sync'd.  Really amazing work; vox, percussion and
>>  > bass...all looping very
>>  > seamlessly.  A very cool and worthwhilew looping
>>  > disc.
>>  that disc was definitely from a few years ago...and as
>>  a huge living colour fan, i felt the need to check it
>>  out...especially after reading about the disc in bass
>>  player mag.  granted, that was a few years ago and i
>>  have matured quite a bit musically in those years, but
>>  as far as i can remember, that jungle funk disc
>>  (unless there was another disc with dw and wc from
>>  living colour) was so terrible that i actually
>>  returned it to the record store claiming it was a
>>  gift.  i do believe that was the only disc that i have
>>  ever returned in my life, and i brought it back the
>>  day i got it!  i would say that the fact that they
>>  disbanded so quickly might back up that it was a
>>  horrendous project. 
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