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Re: Cali Loop Tour 2002?!

>Andre LaFosse wrote:
>Here are some brain-storming ideas:
>-- CD sales could help offset expenses; I know Max and myself both have
>discs we could hawk.
>-- There's been talk about doing some sort of clinic type thing with
>Matthias.  If we could find some sort of Bay Area performance
>venue/clinic space, and ask for some sort of suggested donation at the
>door, that would certainly help.

A possible location for this could be Bananas at Large Music, in San 
Rafael. Rik Elswit (rik@well.com) is a salesman there who is into 
looping and has been enthusiastically selling loopers for a long 
time. I'm not sure about the suggestion donation, but I bet it's 

I suggest this mainly in the spirit of helping you guys out, but 
secondarily 'cause it's close to me and I could catch the show :)