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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

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> At 1:58 PM +0000 11/18/01, Steve Lawson wrote:
> >On the subject of naming stuff (Frippertronics, Belewps etc), isn't
> >it just about things being memorable?
> After all, Robert Fulton didn't invent the steamboat and Arnold
> Schoenberg didn't invent the 12-tone row, but they are deservedly
> famous for their development and exploitation of these things.
> >Is Fripp any less influential in either real or theoretical terms
> >because he was taking that which was being caried out largely in
> >academia and then regurgitating it in a pop context (or even that
> >which was being used in a fringe pop way, and making it a little
> >more mainstream)?
> It's worth pointing out that a lot of the innovation under discussion
> was actually being done _outside_ of academia, and in fact was often
> in reaction to the stodginess of the academic scene.
> >I'm a firm believer in credit where it's due, so it would be nice if
> >peope perceived as innovators were a little more vocal in crediting
> >sources.
> I was witness to an example of that during a panel about the early
> years of analog synthesizers, featuring Bob Moog and several of his
> associates. When the the topic of Moog's sequencer module came up Bob
> said, "oh, that was an idea I copped from Don Buchla."

It should also be pointed out that Moog worked with the inventive genius
Raymond Scott during the 50s, when he was just a pup.  Scott invented a
variety of eclectic electronic music-generating devices, and their results
are available via the finer-than-fine Basta Records at

And they're fine human beans too.

Stephen Goodman
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