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Re: re:Looping gear advice

Chris -
There is a wealth of information in the LD archives, just type in a few 
words and you're off.

My one bit of advice though: Don't buy it until you've tried it.
A strange thing happens with loopers and it seems gear happy folks when
hunting for tools. They (hell me too) forget that we are all rather precise
individuals. Namely the buyer (X) takes it for granted that anyone's (Y's)
opinion on how a piece of gear is going to fit with what X is doing or
wanting to do. Irrespective of the fact that Y may apply those very same
tools in a decidedly different manner than X may and most likely for
different results.

Good luck finding the looper that works with what you're going for.
best regards, Pedro Felix

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From: Chris Olden <chrisolden@hotmail.com>
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Date: Sunday, November 18, 2001 6:34 PM
Subject: re:Looping gear advice

>  Hello,
>  I'd like to work some looping gear into my current
>  set-up with the goals of keeping myself entertained
>  and eventually(hopefully) maybe doing a little gigging
>  around town.
>  I have been looking at the Oberheim Digital Echoplex
>  for a while, but now I see that Electrix has a cool
>  little box out for loopers. Any thoughts on the pros
>  and cons of these two units?
>  What about effects units(rackmount)? What's out there
>  that's not an arm and a leg.(a'la a top of the line
>  Eventide)
>  Thanks in advance.
>  Sincerely,
>  Chris Olden
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