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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

so, still in some relation to the *original* thread, i said:
>> so, then you do count yourself as one of those who uses
>> 'soundscapes/frippertronics' as your model, right?

>My 'model'?  Not in the least.  I'm more influenced by Eno with respect
>to this - 
>though for me the Eno/Fripp duo is a kind of yin/yang relationship,
>and I'll always look forward to the results of their work together.  I
>it's much more accurate to say that I count both Eno and Fripp (and others
>of course) as influences.  My finding of the DDS 7.6 was something I'd
>figured out after having banged my head on the question of "How the @#$%
>you get a tape loop effect of longer than 1.5 seconds without (1) spending
>nearly $1000 at the time, or (2) dealing with all the troubles associated
>with actual tape looping?"  I thank my lucky stars (if I have any) that
>didn't sink into a vintage tool like the Space Echo or the Echoplex.  My
>7.6 was used when I bought it in 1992, and it's still chugging along. 
>don't let it stay on for several days at a time anymore though. :)

>In any event I was looking for something that *I* could get my own 
>sound out of, as opposed to attempting to replicate the work of either
>or Eno. 
>I threw out or erased more material I'd composed just because
>it sounded like someone else's stuff
good self-critical faculties, eh?
dt / s-c