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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

I know the Digitech 2112 and 2120 both do "whammy" effects and put out a
stereo signal.  You can even pan the shifted signal.  Does some smart
harmony stuff too, but the tracking is a tad weak, but if you're careful
it's useable.  One problem with the box is it's single input and mono
effect loop.  I traded up from an ART SGX2000 and did get better sound,
for sure, but lost imput/output flexability.

Mark Sottilaro

Peter Badore wrote:.  The problem is, it's a mono device which cancels
out the stereo signal on the Roland (at least that's how it seems to
sound).  Is there a "stereo" Whammy or something similar short of buying
a second Whammy?  Or am I in lalaland?

>      Just getting my two cents
>      in,
>      Peter Badore