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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

While Mr. Fripp’s gear is quite impressive along with his technique I think his looping is pretty uninteresting & has not really developed much in the past 20 yrs. It is amazing what people can do w/ just ONE DDL line with a post processor. Frisell & Torn have certainly proved that….

Sorry you find it uninteresting.  You obviously miss the constant repetition of Frippertronics now replaced with the few repeats of the TC 2290s combined with the Eventides.  I've noticed whenever someone attempts Soundscapes they're really performing Frippertronics.  But, as they say on "Seinfeld", "Not that there's anything wrong with that!"  I might work back and forth on this myself.

Not a looping question, but maybe someone out there can help me:  I just bought a Digitech Whammy to augment my Roland GR-33.  I like the idea of changing/turning on the device on the fly as opposed to constantly monkeying & editing the Roland, and the harmonization on top of harmonization can literally be a scream.  The problem is, it's a mono device which cancels out the stereo signal on the Roland (at least that's how it seems to sound).  Is there a "stereo" Whammy or something similar short of buying a second Whammy?  Or am I in lalaland?

Just getting my two cents in,                                                                                                                                         Peter Badore