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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

It probably *was* a tuning fork.  I once saw Mr. Belew hold a vibrating 
tuning fork against various parts of the guitar (body, bridge, pickup, 
neck, strings).  Then he jammed the handle under the top string(s) at the 
headstock  and left it there, looking like a two-headed cigarette.

"Drill guitar" could be when he uses a cordless drill spinning a (smooth? 
round?) bar to similarly abuse his axe.

He seems to keep the whammy bar turned back away from the strings unless 
he's using it *while* picking.  He did a little comedy routine in '95 
where he "experimented" with various positions during a tune.  Maybe it's 
a silly affectation or maybe it's to keep from impaling his hand like Pete 

"Twang Bar" (when not used as a pun) refers to the circuit of southern and 
midwestern R&R dance bars his cover-band played way back when. right?


Allan Hoeltje wrote:
>No, no, no, I know what a whammy bar is and where it fits on a guitar! :-<
>This thing looked like a tuning fork (two prongs) and it was attached to 
>head stock and I did not see Adrian tweak it in any way during the 
>Maybe it is a wireless antenna?

Steve Burnett wrote:
>I'm sort of interested to find out what is meant by Belew's credit for
>"drill guitar" on the recent Tori Amos album.