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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

on 11/16/01 8:54 PM, nick douglas at nickd@mindspring.com wrote:

> "Drill guitar" could be when he uses a cordless drill spinning a (smooth?
> round?) bar to similarly abuse his axe.

yeah thats what it is-i got vid!!
he just holds the drill near the p/u s and fretts away for a very metallic
'ebow' thang. similar to 'reeve gabrels' and his vvibratorr

> He seems to keep the whammy bar turned back away from the strings unless 
> using it *while* picking.  He did a little comedy routine in '95 where he
> "experimented" with various positions during a tune.  Maybe it's a silly
> affectation or maybe it's to keep from impaling his hand like Pete 

no that wasnt it-since the handle of his vibrato bar was a distance from
where he was picking(over the p/us) he had to reach for it after each
stroke,for that flutter thing he was doing w/ his floating bridge-it just
seemed weird for it not to be swong around to inhand while playing(like he
usually does...)and what he eventually did...
perhaps i'm reading way to much into this by now,after all this verbiage-
let the boy (play his guitar) walk your dog...