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re[2]: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

i think a joni mitchell approach would help here (not just for fripp, but 
for any of us).  the tuning of the guitar posits a certain default sound 
(overcomable by technique).. it's my understanding that joni has a 
differant tuning for almost every song (i suppose to a guitar player, it 
would make her "sound more technicly skilled" than she might be..but the 
end result is, imho, great).  if one were to believe the roland pr dept, 
it's for this reason she now uses roland guitar synths.

i'm no guitar player, but i use my gf's instrument with delay, ebow, and a 
lighter (as a slide)...alternative tunings suggest alternative soundscapes.

just my 2cents.


 >>  I feel also that he has exhausted many of the really good
 >>  "chord" choices and is going through less interesting "chords"
 >>  (there is definitely a "chordal" feel at any instant to his
 >>  soundscapes.)

 >>  /t