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Re: Future Repeator Owner ?

i found one in a pawn shop 2 weeks ago for $20. i picked it up
and it's pretty handy. i dont have much problems with the switch
spacing in bare feet or big ole birkenstock sandles.

The switchs control Undo - Play/Stop - Record, left to right.

If I hadnt found this one, i was going to build one as per the
"Bob Sellon" link that Richard has already sent.  I priced out
the Carling Switchs at about $8 each. Just snagging that Fs-300
was a little more cost effective in my case.


"William R. Walker," wrote:

>  Has any one used one of those lame little Digitech FS300 footswitches 
> their Repeator? I'm curious about the specific functionality of each of 
> three switches. The reason I say lame is that the FS300 buttons are so
> closely spaced, you would need a Ming Dynasty Princess' bound feet to
> navigate on the thing. I know the right thing to do is use a midi pedal
> which I intend to do, but occasionally I have solo acoustic gigs that 
> really require a star ship enterprise console. Thanks for the help
> Bill Walker